How to do SEO for free in 2021

how to do SEO for free
How to do SEO for Free

What is SEO?

Do you really want to know how to do SEO for free? Do you know how many blog posts publish each day?

Only WordPress users publish 20 Lakhs of blogs every day which means 24 blogs every second. It’s just the counting of WordPress blogs and you know there are many more platforms. So the number will be higher than these counting. This makes the competitions very tough, but if you want to rank then you have to make a successful blog. How to do SEO for free is mostly asked Question. Let’s start with SEO.

SEO means 

Maybe you all know SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization, But do you know in this what do you need to optimize and how?

It includes writing, designing or links.

SEO is the art of ranking higher in search engines without any paid promotions. It is also known as the organic listing.

Let’s make it simple if you have any article and you want to show it in the first position on the search engine result page. Then you have done SEO. In this whenever searcher, search for the content related to your keyword it will show your article at the top. If you optimize your article properly.

There are three types of SEO

White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Grey Hat SEO.

White SEO: When we talk about white SEO if you are planning to grow your business and want genuine organic traffic. Then white hat SEO is a must for you. Because it’s the right way to get genuine leads and organic traffic to the website.

Black Hat SEO: In the black hat SEO, this type of SEO only optimize the content for search engines not for humans. In the black hat SEO, you can get rank easily but google can block your website. Because it increases your spam score and you may get blocked by google soon. So, if you have a genuine business, then never apply black hat SEO for ranking.

Grey Hat SEO: As its name shows grey, it’s the combination of white hat SEO and black hat SEO. It contains a little bit of white SEO and a little bit of contribution of black hat SEO. But I suggest always do white hat SEO.

On-Page SEO

In on-page SEO you optimize the content of the website which you can control. For ranking in Search engines on-page, SEO is a must. Optimize your headlines, page structure and content.

On-Page SEO includes three major things



Keywords Research

Content: Maybe you heard somewhere “Content is King,” it is said by Bill Gates in 1996. If you provide the right content to your visitor then it increases your chance to rank first. If you have the content which your visitor looking for then it increases the chances to rank on search engine.

Quality: Focus on the quality of your content that you are providing to your visitor. If your content is good, and provide a better experience to the visitor. Then the visitor may share your content with others. Which increases your organic traffic. Also, he must visit next time whenever you post any content. So, always focus on content.

Keywords Research: Keywords research is the main part of SEO. Always research for keyword before preparing your blog. It is all the game of keywords. If you choose your keyword wisely and work for it then it increases the chances you can rank easily.

Off-Page SEO 

In off-page SEO you have to depend on the other platforms. On the off-page, you don’t have any control like on-page. In this, you have to get backlinks from other social media platforms.

On-page and Off-Page SEO both are different. But both are important for a better SEO.

Technical SEO

In the technical SEO, it is the backend process SEO which includes schema, site-map, meta title, meta description etc.

Your domain name should indicate your business or less than 15 characters. Make sure your site contains meta title, description keywords. Add google tags in HTML on the head section. Optimize your website page load time and server response time. Also, add some social media accounts link to your website.

I hope now many of your doubt clear, do these steps while doing SEO. Now you can do your SEO for free yourself

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