Android App Development Company in Chandigarh

Android app Development Company is important for your Business

In daily life, with the growing need for information technology, the execution of web applications is going more of a need. Nowadays, people do not go out to make any buy without the prevision of any products and services. Hence, they seek refuge on the internet to get instant access to details. We can give you android app development services in Chandigarh.

  • In this sharp technology generation, every company should invest in creating and developing web and mobile applications. However, of the size and kind of industrial involvement, companies should make use of web solutions. Vizz Tech Solutions can help you with that.

Why us for developing Android apps

  • Google Play Store is one of the biggest app stores. It gives enough idea about the millions of users for Android. No reason better than this justifies developing mobile apps for Android devices. We, as an award-winning Android app development company in India & USA, understand this and have built the strongest Android development team within our beliefs. Be it for smartphones, wearables, or TV, the end-user experience that we deliver is odd. We sit with our stakeholders to understand their business goals and achieve them with the best tech stack and expertise, by determining “how we do it”.

Consulting and Strategy

Information Architecture

UX/UI Design

Native App Development

Hybrid App Development

Technology choices for Android app development





Visual Studio

Android Studio




FireStore Our Android app development process


From understanding your concept to doing the market research to need gathering, we search through everything in our kickoff meeting. We, as a top mobile app developers team, would specify your industry rival in the Play Store and craft the UI prototyping to proceed also in the funnel.


Next, we’ll serve a complete analysis that serves as the basis for the project. Starting from identifying your USP, wireframing, technical feasibility analysis to determining your revenue model, we plan the basic mobile plan right to ensure impressive visuals.


From drawing low-fidelity wireframes to imagining high-fidelity declarations, we apply human-centered design based on the UI/UX designs to design your Android app that delights users and hooks them. We call it habit-forming technology and that’s what determines us.


For us, development starts as your idea grows in the conceptual stages. Our team of certified Android developers starts coding based on the functionalities, beliefs, and final screen designs. We follow Agile methodology for a pleasant and stunning Android app experience.

Testing, QA & Launch

To confirm there are no bugs or gaps, all code goes through a final smoke test before launch. Doing this early in the development process makes the app less complex considering the issue that might come in usability, safety, compatibility, and performance for every sprint/landmark.


Post-launch, our work is not over. We are in constant touch to know the app’s performance, feedback, and if any updates are needed. Cleaning, upgrading, and making sure it engages the user for longer comes under our care audit along with Routine traffic and server load optimization.

Why should you hire us as your Android app development company?

Our skilled and trained programmers as well as  designers can give you with making creative and user-friendly applications and web solutions. Therefore, it can help calm your customers and clients. Likewise, we are the best android app development company to use proper software, frameworks, and programming language in order to make a high-quality yet cost-effective application. Our team of experts has excellent programmers and java developers to see into your very clear requirement with high standards. Hence, as an expert iOS app development company, we can give great output based on your instructions without any wrong handiwork.

What services can our android app development company provide you?

We are a team of skilled iOS app development company specialized in app development, testing, debugging, and promoting applications. Therefore, our team can provide solutions on different mobile types such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android, etc. We can help you launch your business application with mobile solutions and a web interface optimized for mobile viewing. Vizz Tech Solutions will enable your web applications accessible on different mobile platforms. Therefore, we help you through other technologies to make your application more user-friendly.

Our dedication is to help your company show a strong front for your clients. It helps in gaining loyal and happy customers. Get in touch with Vizz Tech Solutions to hire our team for any kind of mobile solution.

Why Vizztech Solutions for android app development?

Google Play Store is the most comprehensive app market, and the primary reason behind that is millions of Android users. Therefore, there is no doubt that Android apps are the best way to reach out to your customers. Well, if you are watching for Android app development for your business, you are at the right place. We do justice to your business by developing the most advanced Android app.

We are the only android app development company in India to offer the best smartphone apps for smart devices and wearables. Furthermore, at the initial steps, we offer you the best communication to discuss your business goal. Then we come up with the best stack to help you generate more significant profit.


Our seamless Android app development 


We analyze your business operations as well as matches to help you develop the best possible Android app. We integrate your ideas and thoughts to help you with a top-notch android app for your business.


In the next step, we plan the roadmap to lead you to success. Furthermore, in this process, we define your USP and highlight it in your application to make its branding mark. We come up with a basic android app development strategy to offer you impressive apps.


We then create the best design that suits your business slot. Therefore, we study some of your top rivals yet keep you special. Our uniqueness will make you stand out from the group. But at the same time, you will also earn accessibility and ease in using.


At the development stage, we hire the most skilled developers to come up with an excellent result. We have certified android app developers to help you with highly optimized apps.

Testing, QA, and Launch 

Here we are the best android app development company in India that tests your app to find out all the bugs. We use the most refined model of automation testing to offer you a rich app. Therefore, once we make sure about the app’s security and usability, we launch your app among your customers.


We do not leave you to post the launching of your apps. Instead, we stay with you on a long journey. We understand that your app’s performance must have to be consistent to offer you a lead. So, we make sure to hold your app by regularly optimizing it with updates and security patches.